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In-depth teachings on Jesus, the Bible, and the Jewish Roots of Christianity.

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 Foundational  teachings from our popular seminars—attended by thousands in the U.S., Canada, the Philippines, and Taiwan.



Lecture #1: Before the Flood, Noah, Babel   (Audio)

Lecture #1a: Before the Flood  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #1b: Adam to Noah, Gen. 1:1-8:19  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #1c: Noah to Babel, Gen. 8:20-9:29, 11:1-9  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #1d-2a: The Descendants of Noah, Gen. 10  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #2: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob  (Audio)

Lecture #2b: Abraham, Gen. 12:1-3  (Video: English and Chinese)

Introduction to the Land of Israel  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #2c: Abraham, Gen. 12:4-14:12  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #3: Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus  (Audio)

Lecture #4: Joshua and the Judges  (Audio)

Lecture #5: David, Solomon, and the Kings  (Audio)


Lecture #1a: Prayer Shawls and Money Belts  (Video)

Lecture #1b: Prayer Shawls and Money Belts  (Audio)

Lecture #2: Scroll and Synagogue  (Audio)

Lecture #3: Feeding Trough and Workman’s Chisel  (Audio)

Lecture #3a: The Five Regions of the Land of Israel  (Video)

Lecture #3b: A Tour of Israel in the Time of Jesus  (Video)

Lecture #3c: Bethlehem in the Time of Jesus  (Video)

Lecture #3d: Nazareth and John the Baptist  (Video)

Lecture #3e: Cana and Weddings  (Video)

Lecture #4: Colonnade and Fisherman’s Hovel  (Audio)

Lecture #5: Palm Branch and Olive Tree  (Audio)


Entire seminar now available as an ebook on Kindle!

Also available as a printed book!

Lecture #1: Early Jewish Christianity  (Audio)

Lecture #1: Early Jewish Christianity  (Book Preview)

Lecture #2: The Gentilization of the Faith  (Audio)

Lecture #3: Imperial Christianity  (Audio)

Lecture #4: Christianity and the Modern State of Israel  (Audio)

Lecture #4a: Christianity and the Modern State of Israel  (Video)


Entire seminar now available in electronic form on Kindle!

Also available as a printed book!

Lecture #1: The First Vision of Revelation (Rev. 1:1-5:14)  (Book Preview pdf)

Lecture #2: Revelation 6:15-7:10  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #2: Revelation 7:11-8:11  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #2: Revelation 8:12-10:7  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #2: Revelation 10:8-11:7  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #2: Revelation 11:8-11:19  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #3: Revelation 12:1-13:8  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #3: Revelation 13:9-14:3  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #3: Revelation 14:4-20  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #4: Revelation 15:1-17:13  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #4: Revelation 17:14-18:10  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #4-5: Revelation 18:11-19:18  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #5: Revelation 19:19-20:9  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #5: Revelation 20:10-21:9  (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture #5: Revelation 21:10-22:21  (Video: English and Chinese)

For additional information, buy the book or request a seminar.


Lecture #1: Evidence from Geology  (Book Preview)

Lecture #1a: Evidence from Geology  (Audio)

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Including back issues of our Teaching Letter (TL#), blogposts, and selected sermons. Search for a particular subject in our Subject Index or Search pages.



The Angel of the Lord: A List of Verses  (Blog)


Why Did Jesus Curse the Fig Tree?  (Blog)

Is Jesus Eligible to be the Messiah? (The Genealogies of Jesus)  In-Depth 

Did Jesus Abolish the Jewish Food Laws? (Debate over Unwashed Hands in Mark 7)

Like Little Children (Discipleship)  (TL #17)

Who is the Messiah? (Feeding of the Five Thousand)  (TL #16)

The Spirit of the Law (Sermon on the Mount)  (TL #15)

Prosperity  (TL #10)

The Baptism of Jesus  (TL #7)

The Messianic Judge (Message at Nazareth)  (TL #5)

Did Jesus Claim To Be God?  (TL #2) (also at New Church)

The Prophet Like Moses (The Transfiguration)  (TL #1)

Who Is Jesus?  Foundational 

Jesus’ Last Week: Palm Sunday and Passover  (New Church)

Jesus’ Last Week: Crucifixion and Resurrection  (New Church)

The Sermon on the Mount III  (New Church)

The Sermon on the Mount II  (New Church)

The Sermon on the Mount I  (New Church)

New Year Message 2008


The Memra (Word) of God in the Jewish Targums (Video)

Can the Gospel be Preached to the Dead? (The Harrowing of Hell in 1 Pet. 3:18-20)

Does God have parts?  (Blog)

Is the Law of Moses for Everyone?  (Blog)

Gentiles in the Law of Moses  (New Church)  In-Depth 

The Book of Ephesians: intro, ch. 1, ch. 2, ch. 3, ch. 4, ch. 5, ch. 6

The Washing of Water with the Word (Eph. 5:26)

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel—with interactive map!  (TL #25)

Clean and Unclean  (TL #12)

The Seven Laws of Noah  (Gentiles in a Jewish Religion) (TL #13)  Foundational 

The Tithe and Other Taxes  (TL #11)

Marriage, Divorce, and Singleness  (TL #9)

Tassels  (New Church)

The Book of Hebrews: ch. 1, ch.2  (New Church)

Images of Prayer in the Worship of Israel  (New Church)

What is Biblical Holiness?  (Video)

The Nabateans and the Bible  (New Church Video)

The High Holy Days: A Time of Repentance

Gentile Christians and Israel  (New Church)

Where Do You Fit into History?  (New Church)

Why Should Christians Care about the Jewish Roots of Christianity?  Foundational 


Where is Sodom? (Video)

Belshazzar and the Writing on the Wall  (New Church)

Where Does the Bible Come From?  (New Church)

Jacob’s Trip to Haran and Back  (New Church)

Jacob’s Vision at Bethel  (New Church, TL #23)

Jesse Tree/Advent Calendar Bible Verses  (Blog)

The Man with the Inkwell  (Ezekiel 8-9) (TL #6) (also at New Church)

Does the Bible Condone Slavery?  (Blog)

Isaiah 11  (New Church)

The Chariot of God  Foundational 

The Tower of Babel  (TL #4) (also at New Church with more info)

Sodom and Gomorrah  (TL #14) (also at New Church)

The Binding of Isaac  (TL #3) (also at New Church)

Crossing the Red Sea  (TL #8)

Abraham and the Three Men  (New Church)

David and Bathsheba  (TL #18)

The Book of Job 1:1-12, 1:13-22, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-14

Psalm 23  (Blog)

Psalm 29—with photos!  (TL #26)

Psalm 58

Psalm 122—with interactive photo of Jerusalem!

Psalm 134


The Book of Joel and the Valley of Jehoshaphat  (Video)

What is the Dead Body where the Vultures Gather?  (Blog)

The Millennium and the Pit in Isaiah 24  (Blog)

A Generation of Generations  (Blog)

Hell, Hades, and Gehenna: A List of Verses  (Blog)

Who is the Antichrist?  (Blog)

Messianic Kingdom II  (New Church)

Messianic Kingdom I  (New Church)

Psalm 97 and the Return of the Messiah  (Blog)

Did Jesus Believe in the Millennium?  (Blog)

The Valley of Jezreel in Prophecy: Hosea 1  (Blog)

Neglected Issues in the Debate About the Millennium  Foundational 


Tombs in the Bible  (Video)

Grapes in the Bible  (Video)

Figs in the Bible  (Video)

Introduction to the Land of Israel  (Video: English and Chinese)

Scripture Garden I  (New Church)

Scripture Garden II  (New Church)

The Land of Israel  (New Church)


Noah’s Flood  (New Church)

The Spirit of God was Hovering over the Waters  (Blog)

Confused About Global Warming? Ask a Geologist. (Blog)

Dinosaurs in the Bible  In-Depth 



Learn more about places in Israel. This is information we share on our study tours to Israel.

The Chapel of the Ascension, Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem  (Blog)

The Pater Noster Church, Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem  (Blog)

Where is Sodom?  (New Church Video)

Questions and Answers

Read answers to questions from our readers here or on our Quora profile page. Or search for a particular topic in our Subject Index or Search pages.


Why was Joseph buried in Shechem?  (Blog)

If the Philistines were Greeks, why did they worship Dagon?  (Blog)

Assuming Revelation’s Wormwood is an asteroid, what would it be made of and how big would it be...?  (Quora)

If the Sabbath day is on Saturday, then who changed it to Sunday?  (Quora)

Who rode the white horse in Revelation?  (Quora)

Is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem really from Solomon’s Temple?  (Quora)

What did Paul mean in his rebuke of Peter in Gal. 2:11-14?  (Blog)

Infant Baptism?  (Blog)

The Non-Trinitarian Views of Eric Chang  (Blog)

A Hebrew Matthew and Jerome  (Blog)

Sabbath for Non-Jews?  (Blog)

Was Early Christianity a Mystery Religion?  (Blog)

When was Jesus’ Last Supper?  (Blog)

What Kind of Water is in the Jewish Ritual Bath (Mikveh)?  (Blog)

Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?  (Blog)

The Tav Mark  (Blog)

Is Jesus God?  (Blog)

Is Right Standing with God the Result of Obedience?  (Blog)

Did Paul Change His Name?  (Blog)

Baptism for the Dead?  (Blog)

Northern Tribes in Judah?










Detailed reviews of books and other media submitted for comment or stirring up controversy.

The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church, by Reuven Schmalz and Raymond Fischer (Blog)

The Teaching of David Instone-Brewer about Divorce (Blog)

The Passion of the Christ, a film by Mel Gibson

The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot, by Ernest L. Martin

The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai, a video directed by Steve Greisen

The Rod of an Almond Tree in God’s Master Plan, by Peter Michas

Sacred Geometry: Unlocking the Secrets of the Temple Mount, by David Jacobson


These booklets are ready to download and print out—free!  If you’re having trouble printing a booklet, check out our Booklet Printing Instructions

Welcoming the Sabbath: A Messianic Kabbalat Shabbat celebration

Welcoming the Sabbath: Christian historical version

To the Ephesians: A literal translation that clarifies what Paul was saying about the relationship of Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus

Passover Meal Booklet: English

Passover Meal Introduction

Passover Meal Preparation Instructions

Passover Meal Songs

Buklet ng Hapunang Pampaskuwa (Passover Meal Booklet: Tagalog)

基督徒慶祝逾越節晚筵手冊 (Passover Meal: Chinese)

逾越節晚筵預備事項須知 (Passover Meal Preparation Sheets: Chinese)

Hebrew Songs

Listen to and learn these traditional songs in Hebrew!


Eliyahu Ha-Navi

Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai

L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalaim


Worship Music

New worship songs in English! Free to use in your congregation.

Psalm 85: Restore Us

Psalm 105: Give Thanks

Back Again

Psalm 30: Yes I Will Praise You

Jesus the Savior is Born


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