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Jewish Roots of Christianity Seminar

Seminar II:

The Jewish Roots of Chris­tia­nity

How the Church was uprooted, strayed from the truth, and how God is pointing the way home.

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#1: The Fertile Root:  Jews and Gentiles in the Body of Messiah

LECTURE #1a: (Audio)

LECTURE #1b: (Audio)
LECTURE #1: (Book Preview)

What is Jewish Christianity?  What happened to the early Jewish  Christians?  What was God’s original plan for Jews and Gentiles in the Body of Messiah?  What happened to the Jewish Christians after the war with Rome and the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem?
Location With map and diagrams of ancient Jewish Christian art!
Jewish Roots collage
Rome collage
#2: Wild Branches:  The Gentilization of Christianity

LECTURE #2a: (Audio)

LECTURE #2b: (Audio)

What happened when the Gospel came to Rome?  How did Gentile Christians understand and misunderstand the Jewish roots of Christianity?  Why did the Romans persecute Jews and Christians?  How did pagan ideas and practices creep into the churches?
Location With a tour of ancient Rome!
#3: Uprooting the Tree:  Constantine, the Crusades, and Other Anti-Judaisms

LECTURE #3a: (Audio)

LECTURE #3b: (Audio)

Why did Gentile Christians cut themselves off from their Jewish roots?  What led to the Crusades, the Inquisition, and other acts of intolerance against Jews, Jewish Christians, and others?
Location With a diagram of Church history!
Vatican collage
Sea of Galilee collage
#4: Beauty Like the Olive:  Christianity and the Modern State of Israel

LECTURE #4a: (Audio)

LECTURE #4b: (Audio)

Why were Jewish people killed by the Nazis in World War II?  What is Zionism?  What does the modern State of Israel mean for Christianity?  How is God restoring Christianity to its Jewish roots?
Location With an overview of the miracle of the modern State of Israel!

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