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Evidence of the Creation Seminar

Seminar V:

Evidence of the Creation

Learn about the amazing scientific discoveries that show God really did create life and the universe.

#1: Rocks: Evidence from Geology

LECTURE #1a: (Audio)

LECTURE #1a: (Book Preview)

Why are rock formations so often flat? Impossible fossils. Radiometric contradictions. Traces of the Flood. Old sediments and a young earth. Footprints in the rock.
Location With photos and diagrams!
Large Canyon
Palentology collage 2
#2: Fossils & Dinosaurs: Evidence from Paleontology

Dinosaurs and the Bible. How quickly do fossils form? Frozen mammoths. Living fossils. Evolution or extinction? Unfossilized dinosaur bones. The links are still missing. Life before the Flood.
Location With photos and diagrams!
#3: Space: Evidence from Astronomy

How do planets form? Is the speed of light changing? Our puzzling moon. Lunar dust and crater creep. Young rings and youthful comets. Massive inter-galactic structures and the big bang.
Location With photos and diagrams!
Astronomy collage
Biology collage
#4: Life: Evidence from Biology

The miracle of DNA. Can life really be made in a test tube? If life is a game of chance, what are the odds? The truth about mutations. Ape-man hysteria. Living technology: evidence of design.
Location With photos and diagrams!

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