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Landmarks of Faith seminars have been presented to thousands of students and in scores of churches in the U.S., Taiwan, the Philippines, Canada, and Singapore.  The Landmarks series draws on Pastor Jeff Harrison’s experience as a study-tour teacher in Israel and his study with some of the top Israeli archeologists and scholars in Jerusalem. (Click here to see a summary of Jeff’s teaching and educational experience.)


Each seminar is made up of several sessions.  Jesus of Nazareth has five sessions, The Jewish Roots of Christianity has four sessions, The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John has five sessions, Great Discoveries of the Bible has five sessions, and Evidence of the Creation has four sessions.  Each session is 1½ to 2 hours in length and includes a powerpoint presentation.  One session may be held each evening, or in any other convenient arrangement.  No more than two sessions may be scheduled on a single day.

Handout booklets, complete with maps and diagrams, are available for each of the seminars (except for the Creation seminar). If your sponsoring organization would like to make these available to those attending the seminar, we will provide an original copy.  The sponsor can then make copies and charge participants to cover copying costs.  The booklet for the Jesus seminar is 40 pages, the booklet for the Jewish Roots seminar is 25 pages, the booklet for the Revelation seminar is 47 pages, and the booklet for Great Discoveries is 31 pages.  There is no booklet for the Creation seminar.

To help you promote the seminar, Promotional Materials are available for you to download and use, including brochures, mini-posters, seminar contents, press releases, and audiovisual resources. To download free promotional materials, click here.

Seminars are made available on a free-will offering basis with accommodations for Jeff (or for Jeff and his wife when she is able to travel along).

To schedule a seminar, please send the following information:

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