To The Ends Of The Earth--Seminars--The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John

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1)  Laying a Solid Foundation.
Why are there so many different interpretations of the book of Revelation?  How does history teach us that prophecy "works"?  How much can we know in advance?  How did the early Messianic believers understand Revelation?  How can we use the Bible itself to interpret Revelation?
    With powerpoint!

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2)  The Court of Heaven. 
Why is God described as a rock?  What is court (the Beth-Din) of heaven?  Why are there four living beings around the throne?  What is the scroll in the hand of God?  Who are the remnant of Israel?  What is the judgment "cut short"?  How will the mystery of the gospel be "completed"?  How can two martyrs have one body?
    With powerpoint!

Video of Revelation 6:15-7:10
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 7:11-8:11
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 8:12-10:7
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 10:8-11:7
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 11:8-11:19
(English and Chinese)

3)  The Dominion of the Beasts.
Who is the woman clothed with the sun?  How can water destroy her?  How does the teaching "if anyone kills with a sword, with a sword he must be killed" help us discern the true Body of Christ in history?  Fire from heaven, moving images, and information technology--what's the connection?  In what way will the destruction at the coming of the Messiah be like the days of Noah?
    With powerpoint!

Video of Revelation 12:1-13:8
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 13:9-14:3
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 14:4-20
(English and Chinese)

4)  The Winepress of God's Fury.
Where is the spirit of Babylon resident today?  What exactly is spiritual fornication and how do we avoid it?  What do Babel, Rome, and "new Rome" have in common?  What is the seven-headed beast of world history?  And how can it come up from the abyss?  How do we repay Babylon for the evil she has done?
    With powerpoint!

Video of Revelation 15:1-17:13
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 17:14-18:10
(English and Chinese)
Video of Revelation 18:11-19:18
(English and Chinese)

5)  The Landscape of Eternity.
Can ancient Jewish writings clarify the debate over the Millennium?  What did the earliest Christians believe?  How is the battle of Gog and Magog an expression of God's justice? What is the revelation of the Father?  Why are the gates of the New Jerusalem made of pearl, and named for the tribes of Israel?  Why is the city described as a huge cube?
    With powerpoint!


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