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Great Discoveries Seminar

Seminar IV:

Great Discoveries of the Bible

Learn about the exciting archeological discoveries that are bringing the world of the Old Testament to life.

BookletFree handout booklet materials available for each lecture!

#1: Before the Flood, Noah, and Babel

LECTURE #1a: (Audio)

LECTURE #1b: (Audio)

Lecture 1a: Before the Flood (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture 1b: Adam to Noah, Gen. 1:1-8:19 (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture 1c: Noah to Babel, Gen. 8:20-9:29, 11:1-9 (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture 1d-2a: The Descendants of Noah, Gen. 10, 11:10-32 (Video: English and Chinese)

What can we know about the time before the Flood? Does Noah’s ark still exist? Memories of the Flood outside the pages of the Bible. What did the tower of Babel look like? How did it affect the world?
Location With maps, diagrams, and chronology charts!
Great Discoveries collage #1
Great Discoveries collage 2
#2: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

LECTURE #2a: (Audio)

LECTURE #2b: (Audio)

Lecture 2b: Abraham, Gen. 12:1-3 (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture 2c: Abraham, Gen. 12:4-14:12 (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture 2d: Abraham, Gen. 14:13-19:26 (Video: English and Chinese)

Lecture 2e: Abraham, Gen. 19:27-23:20 (Video: English and Chinese)

From Ur and Haran to Sodom and Gomorrah. Strange customs in Genesis explained by discoveries at Nuzi and Ebla. Abraham’s worship of God. What are the standing stones used by Jacob and Moses (sometimes translated pillars), and why did God finally reject them?
Location With map and photos of Israel!
#3: Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus

LECTURE #3a: (Audio)

LECTURE #3b: (Audio)

Lecture 3a: Jacob & Joseph, Gen. 24:1-39:6 (Video: English and Chinese)

Who were the Midianites, and what is their connection with Moses? What is the evidence for the route of the Exodus? Is there any truth to recent claims that Mt. Sinai is in Saudi Arabia? How can discoveries in the tomb of King Tut help us understand the construction of the Tabernacle?
Location With photos, map, and diagrams!
Great Discoveries collage 3
Great Discoveries collage 4
#4: Joshua and the Judges

LECTURE #4a: (Audio)

LECTURE #4b: (Audio)

Evidence for the destruction of Jericho and Hazor by the Israelites. Who were the Canaanites (evidence from Ugarit)? Evidence of the Israelites: their homes and way of life. Why do Samson and Goliath sound a lot like Greek heroes? Who were the Philistines?
Location With photos, map, and diagram!
#5: David, Solomon, and the Kings

LECTURE #5a: (Audio)

LECTURE #5b: (Audio)

New discoveries in David’s Jerusalem. What remains of the Temple of Solomon? What happened to the Ark of the Covenant? Discoveries from the kings of Israel and Judah. Evidence of religious compromise with false gods. Hezekiah’s victory. The fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians.
Location With photos, maps, and diagrams!
Great Discoveries collage 5

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