Landmarks of Faith

Landmarks of Faith seminars bring you the latest discoveries and insights from Israel.  Photos, maps, and diagrams introduce you to locations, customs, and events in the Bible and Early Church as well as the Middle East today.

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Jesus of Nazareth Seminar

Seminar I:
Jesus of Nazareth

Learn how the latest discoveries in Israel bring a new depth of meaning to the life and teachings of Jesus in the Jesus of Nazareth seminar.
   With powerpoint With powerpoint and photos of Israel!

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Seminar II:  The Jewish Roots of Christianity
Learn how Gentile Christians have understood and misunderstood the roots of their faith in the Jewish Roots of Christianity seminar.
   With powerpoint With powerpoint and photos of Israel and Rome!

The Jewish Roots of Christianity

Seminar III:  The Revelation of
Jesus Christ to John

Learn how the early Jewish Christians interpreted the Book of Revelation
in our Revelation seminar: using the Bible to interpret the Bible
   With powerpoint With powerpoint presentation!

The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John
Great Discoveries of the Bible

Seminar IV:  Great Discoveries of the Bible
Learn how exciting discoveries in the Middle East help us better understand Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David in our Great Discoveries seminar.
   With powerpoint With ppt and photos of Israel and the Middle East!

Seminar V:  Evidence of the Creation
Learn fantastic new scientific evidence from the rocks of the earth, the stars of the sky, and life itself that God created the universe in our Evidence of the Creation seminar.
   With powerpoint With powerpoint presentation!

Evidence of the Creation
To The Ends Of the Earth

Look for these exciting Landmarks of Faith Seminars coming soon:

Seminar VI:  Jesus in Joshua and Judges. Learning from the history of Israel: prophetic insight into Jesus' return (Joshua) and encouragement to stand strong until he comes (Judges).

Seminar VII:  Jesus of Nazareth II.  More insights into the life and teachings of Jesus from the latest discoveries in Israel!

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